Training Guide

This guide serves to take you through the basic aspects of developing quality online software operations with Apex, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Instead of doing a standard "Hello World" app, we'll do something a little more real world, and develop a quick online lottery operation, where every 24 hours a user is randomly picked and paid out an amount defined by the administrator.

If desired, you may download the completed training project by installing the "training" package into your Apex installation. In termal, simply type:

./apex install training

This section plus dozens of training guides will be developed quickly over the coming weeks and months. To keep notified when new training guides / lessons are available, please subscribe to the Youtube channel, Facebook Page or Twitter.

To continue, start with the Started]( page.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Create Database Tables
  3. Create Library
  4. Create Crontab Job
  5. Create Notification Controller
  6. Create Transaction Controller
  7. Admin Settings View
  8. Create Data Table
  9. Member Area View
  10. Admin Manage Lotteries View 11/ Create Unit Test
  11. [Publish Package[(
  12. Create / Publish Upgrade