Getting Started

Great lengths have been taken to keep Apex development clean and concise, while retaining the power and flexibility of modern technologies and methodologies. With the central app class that facilitates all requests, the library container for easy accessibility to libraries, and clean structure of HTTP routing and views, Apex has been made easy as possible to learn. please use the below links to gain a good understanding of the development basics of Apex.

The app Class Central app class that facilitates every request including response and dependency injection container.
Request Routing (http / cli) Simplistic HTTP routing and views providing efficient development and easy readability of other packages / systems.
Library Container Various stadanardized (non-static) libraries easily accessed statically allowing for efficiency and cleaner code.
Dependency Injection Fully PSR-11 compliant dependency injection container, managed by the app class.
Global Functions Handful of useful global functions for a few frequent tasks such as formatting dates / amounts, etc.